Trouble Is My Business: New Film Noir

Trouble Is My Business

I have just received the heads up on a new indie film noir, Trouble is My Business, that harkens back to the 1940s, with a thriller-mystery scenario about a gumshoe on the skids who gets mixed up with two seductively dangerous sisters. The film’s 8 minute trailer certainly gets you interested, and the production values are impressive. Nice noir visuals and characterisations with a flavor of the irony reminiscent of that great 1948 film noir I Love Trouble starring Franchot Tone, promise a fascinating ride.

The film’s maker Thomas Konkle is taking the film to the American Film Market in Santa Monica November 9 -12 and can be reached at, or by visiting the movie’s web site.

Check out the Vimeo trailer below.

5 thoughts on “Trouble Is My Business: New Film Noir”

  1. Yes, very nice production values indeed Tony. It has a great noirish feel, and the best compliment I could possibly give it based on this trailer, is that it feels like the film was made in the 40’s. Best wishes to Tom, and kudos to Tony for linking it up here with a fabulous introduction.


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