Cinematic Cities: Okinawa Noir

Stray Dog - Kurosawa - 1949

Stray Dog (aka Nora inu) 1949
Director Akira Kurosawa | DP Asakazu Nakai

Akira Kurosawa’s 10th film directly inspired by Jules Dassin’s The Naked City (1948), explores the nether world of post-WW2 Japan in a story that parallels the American noir theme of the returning soldier’s re-integration into civilian society. The different responses of two men to a chance event underlie the story of pursuit tempered by empathy, and the realisation that the pursuer could as easily have been the pursued. Full Review.

4 thoughts on “Cinematic Cities: Okinawa Noir”

  1. A beautiful, descriptively written and evocative review of a film that sounds perfect for my taste. I am on my way to Barnes & Nobles during my lunch time break from work and hopefully they have it in stock. If not, I am on-line tonight.


  2. Yes indeed. I remember this review well, and although I didn’t have the benefit at the time of getting it at 50% off, I did get it at 20% off!! Ha!! This realistic piece, which does in fact recall Dassin, is one of Kurosawa’s greatest early films, in fact it’s would quality for a short list of his greatest films ever. Great, atmospheric screen cap there.


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