Otto Preminger: A Slap Too Many

Angel Face (1952)

Early in the film Angel Face (1952), Robert Mitchum slaps Jean Simmons in the face:

When [autocratic director Otto] Preminger called for retake after retake, Mitchum, worried about his costar’s face, finally hit the director across the face and then asked him if he would like another slap.
– Mayer and Mc Donnell, Encyclopedia of Film Noir (2007)

One thought on “Otto Preminger: A Slap Too Many”

  1. Finally, I can let the truth be told…I really don’t like director Otto Preminger’s film “Angel Face.”
    I found it to be a very slow moving and a very boring film! (Remember this is my personal opinion and not a “slap in the face” to fans of director Otto Preminger’s classic film “Angel Face” that is considered a noir.) dcd ps Btw, I have never watched this film (“Angel Face”) in its’ entirety!


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