Act of Violence (1948)

Original articles from me on varied film noir topics. – Tony D’Ambra

A Cry in the Night (1956): The art of the interlude…
“All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun”
Amnesia and Missing Persons: “our lives dissolve into the evening”
A Psychoanalysis Of Noir
Are Femme-Fatales Crazy?
The Art of the B: Riff-Raff (1947)
A Shooting Star: The Noir Dialectic
Bogart: “needful yet closed off, cynical and ruefully philosophical”
Breathless (A Bout De Souffle) – France 1959: New Wave Noir
The Car in Noir: High Wall (1946)
Chandler on Cain: “Proust in greasy overalls”
Christmas Noir
Cinematic Cities: A Day at the Office in Depression New York – Hollywood not
The Cinematic City: “the meaning is in the shadows”
Consummate Noir Artistry: A Scene from Anthony Mann’s Desperate (1947)
Cornell Woolrich: The shadows come from within
Dark Art: What Makes a Film Noir?
The Dark Self: The Origins of Film Noir
Dead Peasants…
Double Indemnity: The Unseen Ending
Existential Terror: The Essence of Film Noir?
The Fight Movie and Film Noir
Film Noir: “All I can see is in the frame”
Film Noir and Living in the Past: “If a man’s life can be lived so long and come out this way”

Film Noir and the Classic Hollywood Narrative
Film Noir’s Anti-Hero: The Outsider
Film Noir: Critical Origins
Film Noir: TIME Magazine Beat the French by 15 Years!
Film Noir and the Portrait
Film Noir Essays On-Line
The First Rule of Film Noir: “A Dame With a Past and a Hero With No Future
German Expressionism: Not Orthochrome Nor Panchromatic
Guilty By Suspicion (1992): Black Not Noir
Ingmar Bergman
In the Valley of Elah (2007): Responsibility and Chaos
Is The Green Cockatoo (UK 1937) the first film noir?
James Gunn’s ‘Deadlier than the Male’: Psychology of the Femme-Fatale
L.A. Night of the Broken Dream
The Left Hand Of Noir
Light in the Shadows: Noir and Redemption
Metropolis Now: Dystopia and Sci-fi Noir
Male Anxiety and Film Noir
The Air I Breathe (2007): Noir Liberation
The Maltese Falcon: The beginning of noir
The Maltese Falcon (1941): Love in Noir
Mann’s Border Incident
More Film Noir Essays On-Line
The Night of the Hunter (1955): Not Noir
Nietzsche and the Meaning of Noir
Noir à la Lubitsch
Noir Amnesia
The Noir Anti-Hero
The Noir City: A Cosmic B-Movie
Noir: Compassion in the Shadows
The Noir City: Electric stars on main street
Noir: Inside The Frame
Noir Lighting
Noir More Dark Than Black
The Noir Night
Noir vs Tarantino
The Numbers Racket…
The Origins of Noir
The Oscars, Jean Renoir, Raymond Chandler, Auteurism, & Boetticher’s The Killer is Loose (1956)
Pithy Definition of Film Noir
Plato and Noir: “Incoherence partly resolved”
Post-Noir: The New Hollow Men
Prefiguring Postmodernism: Flashback in Film Noir
Progressive Origins of Film Noir
Race and Film Noir: Black and Noir
Richard Schickel on Film Noir
Re-Focusing Film Noir
Richard Widmark: The Outsider
Still Cause for Alarm
Sexual Imagery in Film Noir: Tread Softly Stranger (1958)
Subversive Poet: John Alton on the Border
Sweet Clover
The French have a name for it: noir
The Themes of Film Noir
Toward a Definition of Film Noir
The PI as Anarchist
The Unreliable Narrator: Caligari, Rashomon, and the art of the B-Movie
Visions of Light: Noir Cinematography
What is Film Noir?
What’s a dame like you doing in a movie like this?
W R Burnett: Master of noir imagery
Your Ghost: “let him shoot me down”

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