On the Avenue

Laura (1944)

Those dames on the Avenue.  Wrapped and decorated exotic empresses. Ice-cold blondes and raven-haired goddesses loping from privileged canopies to long black limousines purring at the road-side. Glimpses of the dream. Full breasts dark hidden valleys of lush abandon. Ivory skin and golden tans. Long languid legs. Heaven between their thighs and a come-on swank to their hips. Curves sublime sheathed in gossamer. Perfumed gardens of blissful delight. Soft caresses and sweet moans. Eyes deep as emeralds and as hard.

3 thoughts on “On the Avenue”

  1. Hi! Tony,
    Wow…Once again thoughts that reflect the mood of this thing called…film noir.

    Tony, just like McDonald said, about Chandler, I can in earnest say about your writing’s and that is…you write like a “slumming angel.”

    Thanks, for sharing this piece and the photograph of actress Gene Tierney’s (Image) that could easily be the embodiment of all (or rather some)of the females of film noir during that time period. (The 1940s)

    Take care!
    DeeDee 😉


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