“The B List” in Paperback

The Well (1951)

The B List: The low-budget beauties, genre-bending mavericks, and cult classics we love (Da Capo Press. $15.95. 288 pages), edited by David Sterritt and John Anderson, has been released as a paperback. The book is organised by genre – film noir, road movies, horror movies etc. Contributors include the Village Voice’s J. Hoberman, Newsweek magazine’s David Ansen, Salon’s Stephanie Zacharek, Roger Ebert and others.

The Noir section is fairly predictable, though The Well (1951) is a new one for me.  I see King Greole (1958) is included under a rock movies section, though it could also be seen as having noir elements, and for me is  Elvis Presley’s best movie (I am a closet Elvis fan).

You can check out the contents in full at Amazon.

3 thoughts on ““The B List” in Paperback”

  1. Again you defy my wallet Tony! De Capo has a fine track record with eclectic and scholarly stuff, and the contributors here are fantastic. I may just have to treat myself to an early Christmas present. As far as THE WELL is concerned, I am with you, I have not seen it. But all flattery aside, this really looks like a winner you’ve dug up here.


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