They Made Me a Killer (1946): “You asked for it sister”

They Made Me Killer (1946)

“Come on Jack let’s dance.”
“Go away will ya. Gotta get this barrel straight.”
“Too bad that gun can’t cook!”
“Well that makes you both even.”

An obscure programmer that goes for just 64 minutes, They Made Me a Killer, is a tidy little thriller. An innocent guy is framed for a bank heist after a crooked dame sets him up, and faces a murder rap for the killing of a security guard and a cop. He makes a break at a hospital after a guy who could corroborate his innocence dies without making a statement to the cops. It is is non-stop action with a neat romantic interest, and an inventive technical ruse to get the evidence the guy needs to secure his freedom.

The hospital escape scene is distilled noir. The fugitive slugs a cop in the back of the head with the cop’s gun, and then tips the bed with body of the guy that has just died still in it over another cop! He makes his final escape from a window after knock-out punching a female nurse in the face! And he ain’t no saint: he gets the girl and his freedom only after an attempt to turn-up the loot and keep it for himself fails.

Great b-feature!

6 thoughts on “They Made Me a Killer (1946): “You asked for it sister””

  1. Hi! Tony,
    I must seek this film ( They Made Me A Killer out…Because I have never watched this film before. Thanks, for bringing this film to my attention.

    Deedee 😉


  2. Hi! Tony,
    From the did you know Dept., for “lover” of film noir ( I’am so sorry to say, which wouldn’t include me …because I’am not a “lover” of film noir as a matter, I don’t even like film noir, but for those of you who(m) do…)According to a fellow noiraholic,….
    ….The fifth Film Noir box set is coming in a few months. The actual titles were not revealed, but they do NOT include Riffraff, The Clay Pigeon, Armored Car Robbery, I Died a Thousand Times, The Locket, Stranger on the Third Floor, or Born to Be Bad.

    Deedee 😉


  3. Well, I am in the same boat with Dee Dee here, as I’ve never seen this one. Although the astute and passionate proprietor of this site has uncovered more holes in my ‘cinematic education’ than anyone else, I’ll admit that film noir affords me more unchartered territory than any other genre. I have grown in recent years to appreciate it much more (again thanks to the great essays on display here, and from the generosity and enthusiasm of Dee Dee) and look forward to playing catch up.

    All the elements of noir are in place in this stellar capsule, which you declare an excellent “B” feature, which almost seems more appropriate for a television series.


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