8 thoughts on “Tokyo: Noir City”

  1. These are fabulous. It is a look to die for. If I was making a noir film you would be my DP. Incredible gray scale and contrast not to mention the deep focus. Keep it going!


  2. I am so sorry I arrived here as late as I did Tony, but I can’t deny some hectic times. Still I’ve gone elsewhere so no excuse. I am thrilled to hear you managed this trip to Tokyo and am doubly impressed/ravished by this noirish black and white acknowledgements. Aside from the Japanese characters the cityscape can be easily mistaken for a US city. Atmospheric captures to the extreme! But such a fabulous city to visit for many reasons! I trust you and Peggy had a terrific time! 🙂


    1. No worries Sam – nothing much happening here at present – and thanks 🙂

      You have hit home with your observation on the cityscape – downtown Tokyo is just like any modern western city. You have to get out to the urban fringe in the working class area to get a feel for Tokyo city life away from the glitz and the skyscrapers. These areas are low rise in narrow lanes of uniformly gray buildings and mad spaghetti utilities cabling overhead. The real Japan is inside and with the common man.


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