Angel Eyes: Femmes-Noir

This is an elegant homage by Rob in L.A. to some of the iconic femmes-noir. Make sure your speakers are on as the haunting rendition by Bruce Springsteen of Angel Eyes is integral to the experience.


Song: “Angel Eyes,” music by Matt Dennis, lyrics by Earl Brent. Performed by Bruce Springsteen.

Film clips:

Marie Windsor in THE NARROW MARGIN (1952)
Cleo Moore in ON DANGEROUS GROUND (1951)
Claire Trevor in BORN TO KILL (1947)
Veronica Lake in THIS GUN FOR HIRE (1942)
Ella Raines in PHANTOM LADY (1944)
Louise Brooks in PANDORA’S BOX (1928)
Jean Gillie in DECOY (1946)
Jane Russell in HIS KIND OF WOMAN (1952)
Anne Baxter in THE BLUE GARDENIA (1953)
Lauren Bacall in THE BIG SLEEP (1946)
Jane Greer in OUT OF THE PAST (1947)
Rita Hayworth in THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI (1948)
Bibi Andersson and Liv Ullmann in PERSONA (1966)
Simone Simon in CAT PEOPLE (1942)
Clara Bow in MY LADY OF WHIMS (1925)
Ingrid Bergman in ARCH OF TRIUMPH (1948)
Monica Vitti in L’ECLISSE (1962)
Marie Windsor in THE NARROW MARGIN (1952)
Anna May Wong in PICCADILLY (1929)
Ella Raines in PHANTOM LADY (1944)
Gloria Grahame in THE BIG HEAT (1953)
Ava Gardner in THE KILLERS (1946)
Lizabeth Scott in DEAD RECKONING (1947)
Hedy Lamarr in ALGIERS (1938)
Ella Raines in PHANTOM LADY (1944)
Gene Tierney in LAURA (1944)
Joan Crawford in MILDRED PIERCE (1945)
Dorothy Dandridge in ISLAND IN THE SUN (1957)
Constance Dowling in BLACK ANGEL (1946)
Mary Meade in T-MEN (1947)
Rita Hayworth in GILDA (1946)
Peggy Cummins in GUN CRAZY (1950)
Lizabeth Scott in DEAD RECKONING (1947)
Fay Helm in PHANTOM LADY (1944)
Louise Brooks in PANDORA’S BOX (1928)
Marlene Dietrich in SHANGHAI EXPRESS (1932)

4 thoughts on “Angel Eyes: Femmes-Noir”

  1. Hi! Tony,
    Oops!…I had my “speakers” up to loud!…
    I create a video with the assistance of the Amimoto
    guys, but I decided not to tranfer it to a widget…because of your experience with your widget, but I don’t think that I would have experience what happen to you, because you, have a “thing” called a “readership.” (or readers that following your blog(s).

    As the Amimoto Guys say,
    Take Care!
    Dcd 😉


  2. Tony: You made me smile (and shed a few too)on this gray and overcast day with this lovely youtube compilation of performers and scenes that are ingrained in cultural consciousness, and in our affections. My personal favorite clip is the one with Liv Ullmann and Bibi Andersson from PERSONA, but I have always been spellbound by Simone Simon, Gloria Graham, Rita Hayworth, Louise Brooks, Joan Crawford and Jane Greer in their respective magical moments here. It’s stuff like this (aside from the great reviews) that makes the place for serious film lovers to be. It’s a place for intellectuals and those with a strain of nostalgia too.


  3. Thanks Dcd, nitramnnaed, and Sam for you comments.

    Dcd, a widget will help build readership, so give it a try.

    Sam, Marie Windsor is my passion, and Louise Brooks – well – she is from another planet!


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