Val Lewton Screenplay Collection

I Walked With a Zombie (1942)

When researching my previous post on The Seventh Victim (1943), I came across the site The Val Lewton Screenplay Collection, which has many of the scripts produced by Lewton and other interesting Lewton resources.

A reminder too that on Amazon you can get the Val Lewton Horror Collection DVD Box Set with nine movies: Cat People, The Curse of the Cat People, I Walked with a Zombie, The Body Snatcher, Isle of the Dead, Bedlam, The Leopard Man, The Ghost Ship, The Seventh Victim, and Shadows in the Dark for only  US$37.49 new and from US$29.99 used.

4 thoughts on “Val Lewton Screenplay Collection”

  1. Hi! Tony,
    Wow!…your research (my printer is already “warming” up!) turned up a “wealth” of “valuable” information that a “new convert” (That would be me!) to Val Lewton, work can really use…as I do my own research on the recently “rediscovered” Val Lewton work on film. Your research is just going to make it easier for me!…now I am “truly” interested… I guess you can call it an “overnight” conversion to Lewton! Therefore, I guess that I am going to have to try to pick up the “Val Lewton Horror Collection DVD Box Set” before Christmas!

    Tks,”Antonio” D’Ambra 😉


  2. Thrilled to see that Dark City Dame has been converted! Of course that box set is a staple in any real DVD collection, and as I may have stated already, I WALK WITH A ZOMBIE (featured here on the poster) is my favorite Lewton, but THE SEVENTH VICTIM, THE BODY SNATCHER, CAT PEOPLE and ISLE OF THE DEAD (I know the latter is flawed)rank high in my affections. Great news there about the screenplays!


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