Charleton Heston Dead at 84

Touch Of Evil (1958)

Actor, Charleton Heston, died today. He starred alongside director Orson Welles in the last great noir of the classic cycle: Touch of Evil (1958).  Heston’s first role  was as a crooked gambler in the crime thriller cum noir Dark City (1950).

One thought on “Charleton Heston Dead at 84”

  1. Was Charlton Heston’s idea to have Welles direct this movie; Heston was important at the time, Welles was a zero. Millionaire 1970s directors didn’t help Welles, with Welles claiming that the “Citizen Kane” sled Steven Spielburg bought was a fake.

    Great schlock producer David Freidman, in his commentary for his own movie, “A Smell of Honey,” jokingly put down “Touch of Evil” producer Albert Zugsmith, saying he would hang out at the Los Angeles bus terminal to pick up naive girls from hick towns.


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