Michael Clayton (2007): Noir elements

Michael Clayton (2007)

“I’m a janitor.”

George Clooney plays Michael Clayton, a fixer for a big NY law firm’s well-heeled clients who get into trouble. When the firm’s top litigator Arthur (Tom Wilkinson) goes off the wall, Clayton’s called in to clean up. Any more and I risk spoilers.

My only comment: the wrong guy is given the film’s title, and that another protagonist risks more for higher purpose and deserves fuller exploration.

Don’t miss it.

One thought on “Michael Clayton (2007): Noir elements”

  1. Hi! Tony,
    Here goes the film that I was in search of on Sam Juliano’s blog yesterday, but I think that your review of the 2007 film Micheal Clayton on
    Sam Juliano’s blog was a “bit” more indepth. Btw, a very interesting trailer or clip from the film.

    Thanks, For sharing!
    Deedee 🙂


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