Love or something like it…

The Big Combo (1955)

Down city streets at night looking for love, or something like it. A squalid chance for momentary bliss.

Love or something like it.

Under the lurid glow of neon planets, in a firmament of gasolean fumes and hard luck.  The pavement meets my empty gaze and tiny stars of mica shine in an inverted gray sky. My shoes shuffle and drag me on to nowhere. This is my universe.  All the shadows are mine.  Not strangers nor intimate friends, but sordid extensions of my damned to hell soul.

The soft laughter of a woman somewhere off in another universe a stab to the heart.  Whispers and intimacy I ache for and never have.  For others.  Not for me the easy familiarity of a life worth living.  Somewhere not alone, not broken, not sad beyond sadness.

My shoes sill shuffle dragging me nowhere.

2 thoughts on “Love or something like it…”

  1. Hi! Tony,
    I was wondering…hmm…how to comment on this piece(a noir sonnet? a noir poem?) and two word came to my mind…very delicately.
    Well, this is my interpretation of this piece at least.
    A lonely soul filled with angst in search of companionship in the dark city.

    Thanks, for sharing…this very sad, almost heartbreaking and poignant piece.
    DeeDee ;


  2. Yes, it’s heartbreaking and poignant Dee Dee, but again Tony has woven the sense of alienation and loneliness into the fabric of noir, which in it’s most compelling transcription is hopelessness (as was conveyed in the final sentence) Tony continues to convey the mental turmoil and anguish inherent in the minds of the noir players.


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