10 Never Before on DVD Noirs Released

Highway 301 (1950)

This month’s Warner Archive new releases include these never-on-dvd-before noirs.

  • KILLER MCCOY (1947)
  • THE TALL TARGET (1951)
  • PAY OR DIE (1960)
  • SUSPENSE (1946)
  • HIGHWAY 301 (1950)
  • THE SEARCH (1948)
  • TERM OF TRIAL (1963)

5 thoughts on “10 Never Before on DVD Noirs Released”

  1. Tony said,”This month’s Warner Archive new releases include these never-on-dvd-before.noirs:

    •BERLIN EXPRESS (1948) I have watched the 1948 film Berlin Express on many occasion…
    •KILLER MCCOY (1947)****
    •I DIED A THOUSAND TIMES (1955)****
    •THE TALL TARGET (1951) I watched this one…great cinematography…Thanks, to you, I pay close attention to the cinematography now…
    •PAY OR DIE (1960)****
    •SUSPENSE (1946) This will be coming my way shortly, along with the film Hunted
    •HIGHWAY 301 (1950)****
    •THE SEARCH (1948)****
    •TERM OF TRIAL (1963)****
    The film with the asterisk beside them I have never watched. Therefore,I must seek them out to watch for the first-time…I hope!
    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D


  2. Another most interesting batch here.

    I know my friend Angelo will be having a seizure when he finds out that PAY OR DIE is on the way. He is a huge fan. But Anthony Mann’s THE TALL TARGET is the big one here!


  3. This is an RKO thriller picture. Their films I will nwever want to outgrow from what I have seen.Anti fascist heroes and a rescue with suspense fraught in the very strands of the film. I could watch such films. Thwey are perennial cultural expressions with Robert Ryan and Merle Oberon. I am going to order and see this one, for sure.Classic directing and cinematography.

    Screen Aspect: 4 X 3 FULL FRAME
    Packaging Type: Amaray Case
    Board the Berlin Express and speed into danger, mystery and intrigue! Four postwar heroes – a veritable United Nations from Britain, France, Russia and the U.S. – battle a cadre of diehard Nazis to rescue an anti-fascist German statesman in this tense espionage thriller starring Robert Ryan, Merle Oberon and Paul Lukas. The setting is as riveting as the action: Berlin Express was the first American movie filmed in post-World War II Germany. Director Jacques Tourneur (Cat People, Out of the Past) and cinematographer Lucien Ballard (The Wild Bunch) capture the ruin of a bombed and devastated nation that just a few years earlier threatened to rule the world.


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