Woody Haut’s Blog: Noir Fiction and Film

I Wake Up Screaming

For those of you interested in the writers of noir fiction and the Hollywood screen-writers who penned the movies of the classic noir period, a visit to Woody Haut’s Blog is strongly recommended. Woody Haught is a journalist and the author of Pulp Culture: Hardboiled Fiction and the Cold War, Neon Noir: Contemporary American Crime Fiction, and Heartbreak and Vine: The Fate of Hardboiled Writers in Hollywood.

His essays are well-written and provide some fascinating insights. These sample posts should be of direct interest to readers of FilmsNoir.Net:

7 thoughts on “Woody Haut’s Blog: Noir Fiction and Film”

  1. Thank you Tony,
    Visit when you can–next posting in maybe a week or ten days will be about noir films in color. It was inspired by a discussion on the Amazon Film Noir Community. My current posting is called “Little Caesar and the Dark Highways of Noir Fiction” and includes my review of Allan Guthrie’s book HARD MAN.
    Look forward to your comments,
    Mike L.


  2. jus read your edward anderson stuff found it interesting please print some more my relatives do not tell me much about my grandfather or my father richard (dick) anderson yes it’s true i’m a grandson thanks


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