Decoy (1946): B- Psuedo-Noir

Decoy (1946)

A B- crime movie with noir pretensions. An overblown plot, average acting, and pedestrian direction add up to another camp oddity like Detour (1945), despite a fair effort by Jean Gillie as the maniacal femme-criminale.

Beats me why it has cult status for some.

6 thoughts on “Decoy (1946): B- Psuedo-Noir”

  1. Well, I just watched this (Warner instant archive, very good picture and sound) and I found it to be an utterly fascinating, enjoyably nasty little B-noir. I was pleasantly surprised. Some of the acting is pretty marginal, but Jean Gillie props up the whole production with her disturbing portrayal of a totally psychotic femme fatale. The denouement was totally crazy!


  2. I was a bit dismissive wasn’t I? It was a poor public domain print I watched. I need to revisit this one. Jean Gillie a British actress a Brit who made the move to Hollywood sadly died in 1949 at the age of 33.


  3. Hi Tony, yes Warner instant archive has a two week free trial. Scant selection but some nice gems, and they claim to rotate new stuff in periodically. I may pay the $10 per month to stick with it. Last night I used it for a very agreeable evening – a double feature of Decoy and Gun Crazy. Decoy had an exceptional print, and Gun Crazy has a gorgeous HD print that is not available on Blu-Ray or elsewhere for HD streaming, as far as I could determine. Gun Crazy deservedly has a sterling rep, it is intense. But I enjoyed Decoy nearly as much. The last 15-20 minutes of the film are quite chilling, and there is a scene in the middle with a trippy Frankenstein-esque vibe that is well done. A nasty specimen worth a re-watch if you are so inclined.


  4. Thanks for the tip, but I don’t see it available, in the U.S. at least. Nothing on amazon, and only lists a French release slated for December. Is there some sort of good internet source on release date info I’m unaware of? Definitely love to see the old classic films made available in BluRay or HD!


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