Leave Her to Heaven Screening

Leave Her to Heaven (1945)

The sixth annual Rewind/Fast Forward Film and Video Festival, held at the Miami-Dade Public Library will Friday screen a restored print of Leave Her To Heaven (1945) with Gene Tierney.

From a preview by Scott Cunningham in the Miami New Times:

…the festival is showing a range of cinematic realism, beginning with a restored print of the 1945 film noir classic Leave Her to Heaven, starring a 24-year-old Gene Tierney. Delightfully fake, this potboiler, washed in Technicolor and painted backgrounds, tells the melodramatic tale of Ellen Berent (Tierney), a rich woman driven to madness by her possessive love for her novelist husband Richard (Cornel Wilde). The realism in this case comes from the intersection of Tierney’s character with her own life. The actress suffered from bipolar disorder and was lobotomized a few years after the filming of the movie. Who’s to say if she was overacting, or acting at all?”

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