Film Noir Motifs: The Automobile

The modern metropolis cannot be imagined without the automobile. Along with the skyscraper, teeming streets of humanity, and barely functioning decrepit mass transit, the automobile defines the noir city. Dark deeds, heists, police pursuits, escapes, betrayals, and death all happen in and around cars – the darker and wetter the streets the better to deliver justice or not. Wailing sirens, screeching tyres, and the crack of gunshots from and into car windows mark out the celestial territory of film noir.

The Killers

Behind Green Lights

The Bodyguard

The Big Combo

The Crooked Way

Slaughter on 10th Avenue

Side Street

Side Street

The People Against O'Hara

The People Against O'Hara

The People Against O'Hara

Odds Against Tomorrow

Nora Prentiss

No Man of Her Own

No Man of Her Own

Kiss Me Deadly

House on 92nd Street

High Wall

Where the Sidewalk Ends


Crimson Kimono

Crime Wave

Born To Kil

Border Incindent