The Dark Clowns


They call you friend
Drag you down
To the dark cave of their obsessions
A maelstrom of  lies

Demons dressed as jesters
Dracula’s consorts
Boys and girls

Fed on your prostate dreams

On the bloodied abyss
Of their own conceit
Your body hurled
Into the whirlpool

By a chorus of laughing clowns



3 thoughts on “The Dark Clowns”

  1. Again you have authored a beautiful poem that negotiates the dark themes that invariably emanate from fraudulent claims and notions. The tone is consistent and the main idea is given numerous descriptive flourishes. Truly outstanding!


  2. Thanks Sam.

    It seems as I approach my senior years my youthful angst has resurfaced. Perhaps of a frustration that little has changed.

    I remain defiant in the face of those who would condemn me to a rocking chair… I won’t go without a fight 🙂


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