Killer Ladies

From an article in The Oregian by MacrMohan on The Northwest Film Center’s series “Killer Ladies: Film Noir” in April:

“The femme fatale is an indispensable staple of noir, and three of the most memorable are served up this weekend. Perhaps least known is Angel Face, Otto Preminger’s 1953 thriller starring Robert Mitchum at his sleepiest. He’s a working-class ambulance driver who becomes ensnared by the beautiful, wealthy and (it almost goes without saying) deadly Diane Tremayne (Jean Simmons). Diane, in addition to boasting a fantastic noir name, is a paragon of obsessive love, and the movie has one of the all-time great final scenes (just watch Mitchum’s face as they pull out of the driveway). It’s hard to say which is the bigger cult classic, Joseph H Lewis’ 1950 Gun Crazy or Robert Aldrich’s 1955 Kiss Me Deadly, but a chance to see both on the big screen and decide for yourself shouldn’t be passed up. The former is a tale of doomed love between a mild-mannered firearm aficionado and the carnival sharpshooter who shares his fascination. The latter is often dubbed the last classic film noir, a burst of feverish atomic- age madness and sadism that could only come from the mind of Mickey Spillane. Both are full of the dark, quasi-intentional subtext that make the best noir films so arresting even today.”

1angelface2.jpg gunc.jpg Kiss Me Deadly