Hudson, NY: Scenes from Odds Against Tomorrow Then and Now

Robert Wise’s classic film noir Odds Against Tomorrow – see my review here – was shot on location in New York City and in the Hudson river town of  Hudson, NY. Noir aficionado and film-maker Ray Ottulich visited Hudson this month and has kindly allowed me to publish his photographs of locales used in Odds Against Tomorrow matched to actual frames from the movie. I have taken some liberties with the montages to present them here, cropping and super-imposing shots to hopefully make the comparisons more dynamic.  Ray’s creative talent and invaluable contribution to film noir history is to be applauded.  After all, as the years roll on, the odds are against these locales remaining as they are. Great work Ray!

Hudson is where the heist, which is the dramatic focus of the movie, takes place, and a fair amount of screen time is spent observing the central characters as they wait out the day of the heist which goes down that night.

2 thoughts on “Hudson, NY: Scenes from Odds Against Tomorrow Then and Now”

  1. They look great Tony – I just happened to watch the film the morning I went – so it was fresh in my mind – but I think I’ll take some screen caps with me the next time to get even better comparison shots/camera angles and probably a few more locations. You could say that Hudson is almost a live wire for the cinematic memory of Film Noir (at least on the East Coast end).


  2. I know the town well and have visited it on a number of occasions over the years. I salute you Ray for your fabulous work in taking the photos and matching them up with the corresponding shots from this great film noir. I didn’t realize this was the actual location of the shooting. It’s a favorite spot for writers and artists who want to live near the city, but not actually in it. I tried once to take photos myself of Hoboken and pair them with scenes from ON THE WATERFRONT. Ironically, Hoboken has been hit very hard over the past days from the monster storm. In any event, you have me wanting to visit Hudson again, to see some of these places.


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