2 thoughts on “Cinematic Cities: Taxi to Nowhere”

  1. Boy, that is some stunning shot there Tony, wow! You post ’em like nobody else, and in fact that cap as posted here boasts more crystal clarity than even the corresponding shot as seen in the film. In any event, it’s from a quality Robert Wise noir, which while not equaling Wise classics like ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW and THE SET-UP is still a formidable enough work, largely because of De Grasse’s brilliant camerawork, a fine score by Paul Sawtell, and Lawrence Tierney as a chilling villain.

    Whether you realize it or not, your distinguished ‘Cinematic Cities’ series has hypnotizing power: “Now walk down the stairs, go to the back shelf, pull down BORN TO KILL from the Fox section, put it in the DVD player, press play, sit on the couch and look at the screen….”


  2. Great to have your enthusiastic support Sam!  Certain scenes just hit you and you know that they will remain in the memory and epitomize that film for you  – and many are so emblematic of noir motifs.


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