New York City Noir: The concrete jungle

“New York City. An architectural jungle where fabulous wealth…
and the deepest squalor live side by side.
New York, the busiest, the loneliest, the kindest and the cruelest of cities.”
– Voice-over after opening credits  Side Street (1950)

Side Street (1950)
Director – Anthony Mann
DP  – Joseph Ruttenberg
Story & Screenplay  – Sydney Boehm

A tight and savvy noir exploring the claustrophobic canyons of New York ending with an ironically appropriate  ‘crash’ on Wall Street.

4 thoughts on “New York City Noir: The concrete jungle”

  1. Hi! Tony…
    Thanks, for sharing one Of my favorite Film noir…Directed by Anthony Mann. By the way, nice quote from the film and very “nice” screenshots too from the film…Side Street.

    Tony said,”ending with an ironically appropriate ‘crash’ on Wall Street.”

    Here goes my duh?!? moment, but what does the above quote mean? and With out running the risk of sounding like a “bragger,” but I sent the FNF [archives] two or three lobby cards from Mann’s Side Street.

    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee 😉 🙂

    DeeDee 😀


  2. I had the fortune of seeing this a few months ago at the Anthony Mann Film Festival at the Film Forum. Your riveting screen cap display brings the film back in my consciousness, and I do love that voice-over after the opening credits, which continues with the assertion that New York is the “the loneliest, the kindest and the cruelest of cities.” (i.e. wealth and squalor living side by side, and the city metropolis as an architectural jungle.) This is an atmospheric sinister film with standout performances from Farley Granger and cathy O’Donnell, in an encore of their work together in THEY LIVE BY NIGHT. Mann uses shapes and New York terrain here in a compellingly abstract way.


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