Hard-Boiled Dame: “Here’s to nothin”

Deadline at Dawn (1946) is a great screwball noir as dark as any noir and as left as you could go in 40s Hollywood.  This clip is from the opening scene after the title credits over a blind man in a tuxedo walking up a tenement stairwell and stopping at the door of an apartment.

‘Sleepy’ is played by Marvin Miller and Edna by Lola Lane, both talented character actors who featured in many 40s noirs.

A full review will follow shortly. Check out the IMDB entry for full credit details.

One thought on “Hard-Boiled Dame: “Here’s to nothin””

  1. Indeed Tony! This is a classic screwball noir, and this clip really conveys this work’s essence and appeal. Yes I know those two character actors well, and they are at the top of their form here. I’ll wait for the full review of the film to speak further, but this is great way to usher it in!


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