Noir Dames: “Don’t you love her madly?”

Ava Gardner - Publicity shot for The Killers (1946)
Alida Valli starred in the noirs The Third Man (1949) and Walk Softly, Stranger (1950)
Rita Hayworth - Publicity shot for Gilda (1946)

8 thoughts on “Noir Dames: “Don’t you love her madly?””

  1. Hi! Tony,
    My answer is “yes” in the roles that they portrayed on the big screen and for obvious reasons.

    Personally, I would have included in the line-up of usual “femme-fatales” suspects…actress(es) Janis Carter,
    Lana Turner,
    Barbara Stanwyck,
    Audrey Totter in “Tension,”
    Faith Domergue in “Where Danger Lives,”
    Claire Trevor in “Born To Kill,”
    (creepy “Vera”) Ann Savage in “Detour,” and Jean Gillie in “Decoy,”

    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee 😉 🙂


  2. DeeDee I wasn’t necessarily talking ‘femmes-fatales’, Rita and Alida play ‘good’ girls in the movies cited, and I was also trying to reference the erotic ‘aura’ of these actresses… not so much whether they represent an archetype. Put simply: these dames are hot 😉


  3. Hi! Tony…
    Right you are…Rita Hayworth, would go on to portray a femme-fatale in the 1948 film The Lady From Shanghai starring with her husband director/actor Orson Welles.

    Now, when it comes to actress Alida Valli, I have only watched her in the Brit Noir “The Third Man.” Therefore, you are correct when you say, that actress Alidi Valli, portrayed a “good girl” in Welles’ “The Third Man.”

    Tony said,”Put simply: these dames are hot” 😉
    …Unfortunately, being a girl I wouldn’t never reach that conclusion. Even though I understand what you are say… about these women “appeal” to men and envy?!? or appeal (Women who wished that they looked like them…) to some women too.

    DeeDee 😉


  4. “Even though I understand what you are saying… about these women “appeal” to men and envy…”

    Oops! I meant to use the word…“saying” and I will link back to this post on my message board and
    send it over there to Twitter and Tumblr…(Using my own screenshot(s).
    DeeDee 😉


  5. “Unfortunately, being a girl I wouldn’t never reach that conclusion…”
    I’am so sorry about that double negative…
    “I would never reach that conclusion…”
    I must learn to proofread, before I post…

    (Tony, please don’t misunderstand me when I used the words…“Unfortunately, being a girl”…Because I’am very fortunate to have been born a girl.)

    DeeDee 😉


  6. I remember when Ava lived in London years ago by Hyde Park. She would walk along the road by herself, lonely and fed up with life.I was waiting outside her house for a client of mine to come out. When she knew I worked in the studios in the 60s and knew Zanuck and Peck she opened up to me. The thing she hated about England was that at the end of the day when she wanted to continue working into the night at 5pm the unions pulled the switch and shut down. After that we became buddies. Sadly she died in the same flat.


  7. I missed this one too, but I have greatly enjoyed the comments, anecdotes and arresting photos there! Ha! I’m sure if you had expanded this even further, you would have showcased some more eye candy. But this is very fine as is, thank you.


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