3 thoughts on “Femme Noir #5: Patricia Neal”

  1. Patricia Neal has always been one of America’s most accomplished and versatile actresses. Well into her 80’s and a survivor of a serious stroke, she is of course well celebrated for her Oscar turn in HUD and in the drama THE SUBJECT WAS ROSES. She is still revered for her work in the cult science-fiction classic THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, and she made an appearance two years ago (which I attended) at the Jersey City Loews, where she introduced the screening of teh film, with Film Noir specialist Prof. Foster Hirsch at her side.

    In any case, this clip (from a vert fine film)is further proof of her scene-stealing abilities.


  2. I was fortunate to see this film last summer at the 1st Noir City Chicago film fest at the Music Box theatre. Eddie Mueller introduced it as a remarkable film that deserves to be better known and I wholeheartedly agree. The audience actually applauded at the end of the film.
    While other John Garfield movies other than “Postman” are available on DVD (“Body & Soul” and “Force of Evil”), it amazes me that “The Breaking Point” hasn’t had a proper DVD release yet.
    Eddie really hammered it home throughout the festival that this film along with many others have a tenuous existence in their original 35mm form.
    The fragile print we viewed had some initial shaky moments, but was truly beautiful to watch on the big screen as we got further into the reel.
    And Patricia Neal as a blonde (& fairly kind hearted) femme fatale was a force of nature in 1950.


  3. Thank you so much Brett. You are indeed privileged to have seen The Breaking Point in a cinema. I wish I had the chance.

    Patricia Neal is such a revelation in the picture. I have deliberately referred to her role here as a femme-noir as she is not really a femme-fatale.

    Those who want to contribute to the preservation efforts of Eddie Muller and The Film Noir Foundation should visit: http://filmnoirfoundation.org/contribute.html.


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