Cinematic Cities: Paris Noir 2

Voici le temps des assassins... (1956)

Voici le temps des assassins… ( Deadlier Than the Male  – France 1956)
Director  Julien Duvivier   |   DP  Armand Thirard

Very young and twisted femme-fatale Danièle Delorme guided by her off-the-wall user mother very nearly destroys Jean Gabin as besotted Paris restauranter of a certain age. The denouement while not graphic is a bitch…

2 thoughts on “Cinematic Cities: Paris Noir 2”

  1. Hi! Tony,
    I have never watched Director Julien Duvivier’s Voici le temps des assassins…(Deadlier Than the Male) I will probably seek it out to watch…By the way, nice screen capture from the film.

    [Note:I noticed that the English subtitle for Julien Duvivier’s Voici le temps des assassins is also the subtitle for the 1947 film “Born to Kill” and similar to Lewis’ 1950 film “Gun Crazy” (Deadly is the Female).]

    Which of course,“The denouement while not graphic…” in both of the former and latter film(s) is deadly for both females too.

    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee 😉


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