5 thoughts on “Noir Comic Moments #3: Fanny the Waitress”

  1. Ha! Good one Tony! Film noir is probably the most ‘comically underdeveloped’ genre, at least as -in a general sense- compared to the western, the musical, the action/adventure film, and the drama, all of which often display their comic elements in a far more integrated way. Noir -one thinks of Hammett especially- is normally a form steeped in despair and austerity, and one (as you have illustrated here with so many mood pieces and vivid poetry) that rarely creates the underpinnings for the brighter outlook. Of course Hammett was a master of the dark humor, which in his instance was woven in the general world view. I think it’s a great idea to examine this current, when it surfaces in a form where it’s all too rare.


  2. Thanks guys.

    Sam, I Love Trouble is full of such light touches and they work really well. It was the first script of Roy Huggins from his own novel. John Paxton’s script for Murder, My Sweet (1944) also has a lot of snappy dialog and self-parody, and was a great segue for Dick Powell into the noir realm.

    Lloyd, I asked myself the same question. There is no bio at IMDB and no info I could find on the Web.


  3. Hi! Tony,
    Here goes some information that I located about her film career…Due to the fact, that she is uncredited in almost every film that she appeared in…This could be the reason for a lack of a bio(graphy) about actress Rosanne Murray.

    Roseanne Murray

    DeeDee 😉


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