4 thoughts on “Cinematic Cities: Chicago City Noir”

  1. Hi! Tony D’Ambra,
    Call Northside 777 (1948)
    Director Henry Hathaway and the
    DP Joe MacDonald

    What a “nice” photograph with all the elements of a (film) noir in place.

    By the way, what a “coincidence” the sign say Fox and that is the name of the studio that released the film Call Northside 777.

    I still don’t own this film on DVD…even though I have watched it twice over there on the FMC.

    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee 😉


  2. Another priceless cap. When you say “newspaper noir” you open up consideration of a potent and prolific sub-genre. Perhaps the most famous in this regard is Wilder’s masterpiece ACE IN THE HOLE, but I would also think of anumber of others like ALIAS NICK BEALE, WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS, SCANDAL SHEET, THE BIG CLOCK, SKAKEDOWN and DEADLINE USA, a number of which you’ve had under the microscope here at Films.Noir.net.
    Another would be NIGHT EDITOR (Levin, 1946).


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