5 thoughts on “Tread Softly Stranger (UK 1958): Custom Trailer”

  1. Tony, this is an idea I’ve also had for my own blog – in which case the trailer would be both “for” the movie and also a teaser of an upcoming review/write-up (though I’m not sure yet how it would overlap thematically with the forthcoming essays). In addition to which I plan on doing a lot of video pieces this fall (I’m working on one now, actually).

    So I look forward to watching these, though unfortunately I can’t right now on the computer I’m on.


  2. Thanks for visiting MovieMan. Great minds think alike 🙂 I look forward to seeing your work!

    I would like, if and when I gain some real competence and more confidence, to take it further by creating video reviews with inter-titles of text and voice-over narration. Whether creatively I have what it takes to produce interesting stuff remains to be seen.

    For the moment it is fun and I am learning new skills.

    A caveat is the time involved. I am sure I am doing it the hard way by using only freeware, and there is lot of tedious grunt work.

    First I need the actual source movie in AVI format to keep file size and PC memory usage manageable. I then use SolveigMM AVI Trimmer Free Edition to select and save the clips as seperate files – the great thing here is I can select to save a clip as is, video only, or audio only. These AVI clips I need to convert to MP4 using Altysoft Video Converter Free Edition, as AVI codecs are unreliable when editing. I then use the excellent Pinnacle VideoSpin Free Edition to make the trailer, and encode it as a 640*480 MP4. For YouTube, I then convert that file to an FLV using Alysoft again.


  3. I quite enjoyed this, Tony – especially how you go for the style of the old trailers, deftly achieved. Also, I swear it’s a coincidence that my own upcoming video work opens with an iris – I was working on it last night before I saw this! Scout’s honor!

    I’m not sure how to comment on your tech info, as I use a completely different program – Final Cut Pro, which I purchased years ago, a worthy investment as editing is one of the things which most interests me – if it hasn’t been as practical as I hoped (oh, to make money cutting videos…). I am a weird sort of functionally tech-illiterate person; I can do a lot of stuff, but indeed it’s also often the hard way as I just figure it out as I go, learning just what I need to learn to achieve what I want to achieve in a given situation. Which makes it difficult to freelance (something I haven’t tried to do for years, and which I never really plunged into in the first place) because most people are looking for an all-around techgeek who not only has an aesthetic sense of editing, but in-depth knowledge of sound mixing, video codecs, color correction, file transfers, etc etc etc. Perhaps I would have been better off in the old days of Steenbecks and razor blades…


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