Two John Alton Films On New DVD Set

The Amazing Mr X (1948) Reign of Terror (1949)

The Classic Film Noir, Vol. 3 2-DVD Box set to be released by VCI Entertainment on March 31, features upgraded transfers of two John Alton lensed movies that have until now been available only as poor quality public domain copies. The films are Bernard Vorhaus’s Amazing Mr. X (1948), also known as The Spiritualist,  and  Anthony Mann’s Reign of Terror (1949), aka The Black Book.   NY Times movie critic Dave Kehr reviews these new releases here (half-way down the page).

4 thoughts on “Two John Alton Films On New DVD Set”

  1. I actally saw Kehr’s piece on Thursday when it appeared in the Times, but I didn’t read beyond his assessment of the gleaming new restoration of THE ROBE, which is certainly a most desirable acquisition. Of these two new releases you feature here, I only saw the Mann, which was not among his stronger works, but was still notable for some arresting visuals. But the screenplay was rather clunky. In any case, it’s still great news that VCI has rescued it from public domain, and THE AMZING MR. X is definitely intriguing. I’ll secure it.

    I’m going to check out Dee Dee’s follow-up link to the Variety piece.


  2. Hi! Tony and Sam Juliano,
    Tony, is it safe for me to come back into the water? 😉

    Btw, Gary Tooze, did supply me with some “important” information about actress Ann Savage and the film Detour.
    Oh! yes, and he (Gary) confirmed it was an April fool joke!



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