The Femme Fatale: Gun Crazy in the UK

Gun Crazy aka Deadly is the Female

The British Film Institute will screen 19 classic noirs and neo-noirs from February 27 to March 25 at its Southbank London cinema during its The Femme Fatale series.  The 1950 cult pulp noir from Joseph H. Lewis, Gun Crazy, will headline the series, screening daily, and will also also receive a limited national release.

Movies to be screened are:

Body Heat
Criss Cross
Devil in a Blue Dress
Double Indemnity
The File on Thelma Jordon
Gun Crazy
The Killers
The Lady From Shanghai
The Last Seduction
The Long Goodbye
The Maltese Falcon
Out of the Past
Scarlet Street
Where Danger Lives

2 thoughts on “The Femme Fatale: Gun Crazy in the UK”

  1. Hi! Tony,
    Thanks, For the heads-up!…When it comes to the BFI
    screening of 25 Femme Fatale noirs. Wow!..What a line-up! if only these films were being screened here in the U.S…As a matter of fact, TCM plan to show some “rarely aired” Film noirs next month.(Well,as far as I’am concerned they are “rare,” because I have never watched the films.)

    Btw, I watched the film “Gattaca” again tonight…and now I have 2 more comments about the film.
    Tony, Thank-you! for the “intro”duction, to “Gattaca” and “DarkCity.”
    Take Care!
    Dcd 😉


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