Strangers in the Night (1944)

Strangers in The Night (1944)

One of  director Anthony Mann’s early films, Strangers in the Night, a Republic Pictures 56-min b-filler from 1944, is being restored by the Film Noir Foundation.  To see what all the fuss is about, last night I had a look at a copy recorded from Spanish TV, which was in fair condition, if  marred by big yellow sub-titles.

I found a gothic-style thriller that  rarely transcend it’s b-origins.  I suppose it remains of interest as an Anthony Mann project, but the direction and the production as a whole are at best competent.

A story-line about a returning WW2 vet looking for a small-town girl whom he knows only from letters is the pretext for an off-beat treatment of  sexual frustration morphing into a dangerous delusion, and eventually murder.  Two middle-aged b-actresses playing out a possibly lesbian menage steal the movie from the headlined stars who provide the romantic interest.

Worth a look.

7 thoughts on “Strangers in the Night (1944)”

  1. I am very heartened to see Film Noir back and running and seeing this comment thread is like ‘visiting an old friend’ but definitely with more permanancy.
    As to the subject of this glorious resurrection, I am most intrigued in view of the fact that Anthony Mann is part of the resume (although I have noted you say Mann’s direction is merely competant) and the Gothic, B movie trappings, which include the central showcase of ‘sexual frustration morphing into delusion.’ And yeah, the possible lesbian relationship would always trump a conventional romance. Will have to check this out at some point. Fine capsule here.


  2. Very good, andet assessment, Tony. Anthony Mann truly didn’t begin to find himself as a filmmaker until Desperate a few years later. This, Two O’Clock Courage and a couple of musicals, while competent, are not particularly memorable or truly outstanding. however, it is well-paced and your point about the sexual frustration morphing into delusion sticks very well here. Like Sam, I’m glad to see back!


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