Bright Lights Shine on Film Noir

Bright Lights

Check out this page for links to all the articles on film noir published by the Bright Lights Film Journal, and these articles from their latest issue: a profile on noir regular Dana Andrews, and a review of Louis Malle’s 1958 noir  Elevator to the Gallows (Ascenseur pour le Chafaud).

8 thoughts on “Bright Lights Shine on Film Noir”

  1. Hi! Tony D’Ambra,
    I don’t need a heads-up here D’Ambra, because I already added this website to my blog roll when I when I first created my blogroll.

    I must admit that is a very nice article about actor Dana Andrew (That I plan to link directly on my ebloggerspot…some people may wonder which bloggerspot? ha!) and what I feel is the second article that I have read that have taken a “very honest” (pointing out the film “flaw”)look at the Louis Malle’s 1958 film noir Elevator to the Gallows (Ascenseur pour le Chafaud)(Btw, Which I recently just purchased…but I haven’t watch yet!)

    dcd 😉


  2. Tony D’Ambra said,”I gather from posts elsewhere you have a BIG pile of DVDs to get through.”

    D’Ambra, Are you are referring to the box that Sam Juliano, plan to send me or the 30 films that I am watching?!? while I count down with film critic Dean Treadway, his top 30 films from the year 2000 to the present.
    I am assuming that these are the “big pile” of dvds that you are referring to.(Not, to mention the 3 that I just received from my (supplier of film noir dvds who(m) live in Canada, G.McCall.)
    Then right you are! D’Ambra,

    dcd 😉


  3. LOL Dark City Dame!!! You manage to brighten up each and every day with your effervescent personality. Some goodies are indeed on their way to you, but you’ll have a lot of decision-making to decide what to look at first (from the numerous suppliers you acknowledge) Your plate is certainly full. I await your reports.


  4. Hi! Tony as in D’Ambra,
    Get ready to look like that man in that Bright Lights Film Journal 101 ad…Because I have “official” “tagged” you for the “Alphabet Meme” now I am “running away”
    before you can get your “hands” on me! 😮
    Check out! my blog for more info(rmation) shortly!
    Never thought you would be “tagged”…hmmm
    Take care!
    dcd 😉


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