The 7th Victim (1943): Review by Film Sufi

The 7th Victim (1943)

The Film Sufi blog has posted an interesting review of the Val Lewton horror flick, The Seventh Victim (1943) directed by Mark Robson: “one of a string of hypnotic films noir he brought to the screen, coming right after “The Cat People”, “I Walked With a Zombie”, and “The Leopard Man”. What makes this film interesting is the wide gulf separating its virtues and its flaws”.

One thought on “The 7th Victim (1943): Review by Film Sufi”

  1. Beautiful treatment here of a film that vies with I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE as Lewton’s masterpiece. (Yeah I know he didn’t direct them, but they are HIS!) I completely agree with the use of the set pieces.


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