Touch of Evil: 50th Anniversary Edition DVD

Touch of Evil (1958)

A special 50th Anniversay 2-DVD set of Orson Welles’ film noir, Touch of Evil (1958), to  be released by Universal on October 7, will include in three versions of the movie, which most noir pundits agree marks the end of the classic film noir cycle:  theatrical, preview and restored based on Welles’ original vision, and a copy of the  58-page memo Welles  wrote to the studio before the film’s release asking for his original-cut re to  be restored, after it had been butchered by studio hacks. The request fell on deaf ears.

More info from Welles.Net.

One thought on “Touch of Evil: 50th Anniversary Edition DVD”

  1. one of the top ten ever film noir gets the heavy duty work over with three editions and Welles original statement on which version he considers the final statement on the issue.
    if you love this genre, this is a must have and I suspect anyone ready this already knows. a border war will of wits and self esteem. a major smoldering cameo by Marlene Dietrich adds much panache and verve. the camera work would redefine how we can see into the heart of darkness.


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