Film Noir Essays On-Line

Brute Force The Maltese Falcon

These on-line essays are well-written and serious studies of the film noir genre:

No Place for a Woman: The Family in Film Noir by John Blaser

Film Noir’s Progressive Portrayal of Women by John Blaser

Film Noir & the Hard-Boiled Detective Hero by John Blaser

The Outer Limits of Film Noir by John Blaser

Nietzsche and the Meaning of Noir by Mark Conard

Dark Art by Chris Fujiwara

An Introduction to Neo-Noir by Lee Horsley

The Urban Landscape of Marxist Noir by Alan Wald

European Film Noir by K H Brown

Film Noir: Fear In The City by Bruce Hodsdon

Film Noir and the German-Hollywood Connection by Hyde Flippo

Film Noir as Deferred Action by Steffen Hantke

Rerunning Film Noir by Richard Schickel

Shades Among Shadows: The Murder Mystery, Film Noir, and Poetry by David Lehman

Lost in the Dark: The Elusive Film Noir by Patrick Ellis

The Cinematic Flaneur:
Manifestations of modernity in the female protagonist of 1940s film noir

by Dr Petra Désirée Nolan

Film Noir: You sure you don’t see what you hear? by Raffaele Caputo

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