American Cinema: Film Noir and the Detective Film

The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth is offering a free four-part lecture and film noir series taught by Dr. David E. Whillock, Professor and Associate Dean of the College of Communications at Texas Christian University. This series is an abbreviation of a full course offered through the TCU Master of Fine Arts program. Each lecture will be followed by a film screening and a question-and-answer session . The text used for the series is Film Noir: The Dark Side of the Cinema by Foster Hirsch.

Wednesday, September 5, 6–8:40 pm
Literary Influences: The Hard Boiled Detective Novel
Screening: Murder My Sweet (1944, directed by Edward Dmytryk)

Wednesday, September 26, 6–8:40 pm
Visual Styles of Film Noir: Iconography
Screening: Out of the Past (1947, directed by Jacques Tourneur)

Wednesday, October 10, 6–8:40 pm
Literature and Film: Problems of Adaptation
Screening: The Big Sleep (1946, directed by Howard Hawks)

Wednesday, November 7, 6–8:40 pm
Women in Film Noir: The Virgin and the Femme Fatale
Screening: Body Heat (1981, directed by Lawrence Kasdan)

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