New Film Noir DVDs: The Third Man (1949) and Scarface (1932)

The Third Man (Criterion US$40)

The Third Man

With Joseph Cotten, Orson Welles, Alida Valli and Trevor Howard in a
classic film noir set in World War II Vienna. Penned by Graham Greene
and directed by Carol Reed, it features provocative performances and off-kilter
atmospheric shots of Vienna, wherec it was shot on location.

This new two-disc set includes a new, restored high-definition
digital transfer of the British version of the film and great extras.
Commentaries by Steven Soderbergh and writer Tony Gilroy, and film
historian Dana Polan , a 2005 documentary, Shadowing ‘The Third Man,
a 1968 episode from the BBC’s Omnibus series featuring a rare interview
with GrahameGreene, and an unusual 2000 Australian documentary Who Was
the Third Man?

Scarface (Universal US$15)


Howard Hawks’ seminal 1932 gangster movie. The rise and fall of mobster Tony
Camonte (Paul Muni).

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